Status of The Site For August, September and Early October

I thought I would mention a significant change that I have going on right now. My family has a new house (shown below) that will be completed at the end of September. We are in the process of getting our current home ready to be listed and on the market on 20 August. All of my Colt collection is being boxed and and moved to a location about an hour away from me to facilitate the home being shown.

The windows in the middle will be location of the new office

So, beginning about the 16th of August, I will not be able to generate any ‘original’ content until after my move is completed at the beginning/middle of October. I will try to keep the site active with ‘repost’ content or things I locate elsewhere.

As part of the change, I am eliminating some other interests that I have had in my life to free up time. When the move is done, I will have a new office in the home (windows in the middle of the photo) where all of my extra time that isn’t spent with family will be focused on ‘thecoltar15resource’ content as well as joint Colt related projects with some other sites. I am also going to be more active with the Colt Collectors Association.

So, please be patient during the next couple of months while I make this transition…don’t hesitate to message me.

Most importantly thank you for choosing to spend some of your valuable time each day stopping by here.

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