New Colt CR6920 Now On The Market

I have been watching for this release for a while and they are finally appearing on Gun Broker.

Colt has re-branded the iconic 6920 series of carbines again. The new release is now designated the CR6920 and is replacing the LE6920.

Colt has consolidated all Commercial & LE Rifle rollmarks under one common model naming nomenclature,”Colt Carbine”. This change allows for consistency in manufacturing across current and future rifle builds. Features on this model are identical to the prior LE6920 platform, with the exception of the changed rollmark.

All other features appear to stay the same.

I don’t have any grief with the rollmark change after seeing what litigation did to Remington. I would rather see Colt change a rollmark and stay in business than get sued by some virtue signalers because a rifle has ‘military’ markings. It will be interesting to see of Colts series of ‘Military Classics’ (2018 SOCOM, CRM16A1, CRXM177E2) stay in production with the replicated government rollmarks.

I plan to get one on order this weekend if I can find one in stock at one of my preferred sellers.

7 thoughts on “New Colt CR6920 Now On The Market”

  1. Have a M16A1 and 6920. Was concerned about markings on the A1. After receiving the A1 I dig the pencil barrel and the upper and lower have markings. Was originally concerned due to other postings.

    After seeing the new marking, I am happy to have the original rollmarks.

    Really into the FN15 forend. Thinking would be nice with a ACOG 3x vs a second 6920 with same scope. The alternate would be LE6920-FBP1 or M4 Trooper.



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