Random Comment on Gun Broker Sales

I am a couple of weeks past completing my move and things are slowly getting back to normal as we continue the process of unpacking. I’m in the process of getting some additional drywall work done and a new safe delivered so that I can bring my collection back home. In the meantime, I have been watching sales across the internet.

One thing that has been interesting is watching the climb in sales prices of Colt AR’s….any Colt AR. There are many unique Colt AR’s hitting the market as people look to cash in the currently elevated values. Here are a couple of recent auctions that caught my attention.

Colt LE6940P (Piston)- This uncommon new-in-box example sold for $2779.00. The prices on these continue to creep up.

This past week, I watched an auction for a very rare Colt Dissapator and was surprised that it didn’t get a bid. The starting price of $2,395.00 wasn’t too crazy considering its rarity.

Lastly, one of the unexpected high performers of the ‘Coltpocalypse/Covid’ period has been the Colt LE901. Ashamedly, I passed on a M.A.R.C. 901 at $1499.00 right before the Coltpocalypse early in the year because I had my eyes on another Colt rifle at the time. At the end of August, this example sold for $3500.00.

All models of Colt AR’s seem to still be appreciating. The recent introduction of the ‘new’ Colt CR6920 into the market seems to have momentarily tamed price increases but I anticipate we will see continued increases after the November election cycle.

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