Colt Shooting Shirt & Colt CR6720

I received this Colt shooting shirt in the mail today. It is one of the more unusual things in my collection. It is almost new. It is in really great shape. I am going to guess that it is probably from sometime in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. I am going to research it later.

Also shown in the photo is a Colt CR6720 with Colt mount and Colt scope.

One thought on “Colt Shooting Shirt & Colt CR6720”

  1. My AR has a Smooth Tube Free Float handguard that is exactly like that except mine is smaller. Not just the handguard looks the exact same,
    but the entire upper looks exactly the same as mine. I know they are different very vaguely similar freefloats made by different manufacturers, but
    With all the research I’ve done since I bought it. i haven’t been able to find anything that looks like besides one that has been discontinued by brownells. I’m almost a 100% positive I have a complete colt upper
    Would absolutley love some feedback, that would be awesome


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