Colt LE901-16S Law Enforcement Trade-In

I had an opportunity to purchase this Colt LE901-16S law enforcement trade-in that had been used by the San Bernardino, CA SWAT.

These rifles were customized by modifying the front sight/gas block and they had Magpul PRS (Gen 1) stocks installed.

The photo below shows an all black Colt LE901-16S on display at a public event in 2015.

My goal is to try and identify what optic, optic mount, bipod and sling is on the rifle and restore it to its PD operational configuration. I need to find a replacement cover or Magpul monopod for the 1913 rail on the bottom of the PRS stock as well.

If I am successful, I am going to display it with a San Bernardino patchnor something like that.

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