Colt Historical and AR-15 Reference Books

I think (maybe) I have all of my Colt AR historical reference books unpacked and consolidated in my office at home finally. My technical books (TM’s, Colt Armorer manuals, etc) are by my gun bench in another room. I loaned out “The AR-15 Volume 1” by Patrick Sweeney and didn’t get it back. Heck, I don’t even remember who I loaned it to. So, I need to replace that.

Some of these books I haven’t read yet. Reading more is one of my goals this year.

If you have a Colt AR book recommendation, let me know.

4 thoughts on “Colt Historical and AR-15 Reference Books”

  1. While they are not history or a real reference book, I’d include The NEW AR-15 Complete Owner’s Guide By Walt Kuleck with Greg King and The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide by Walt Kuleck with Clint McKee. Next to an actual armorer book, these provide both a back drop and helpful insight looks at the AR…… Of course if you start include all these books, we’d never have an end to it… I love Colt and don’t really tire of reading about the company. it’s been an interesting history and you must exercise your imagination of how decisions are made… working in and around corporate does help fill in a lot blanks and not in a good way… he, he, he, ha, ha LOL 😊


  2. I have both “The AR15 volume 1 & 2”. What are the ‘must have’ books for the Colt AR15 enthusiast? TM(s) and where to order? I also like the Colt 1911, thanks!


    1. What are the ‘must have’ books? That is a great question. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can intelligently answer that yet. That is a great project for me to put together and answer though. Perhaps I can give you an reasonable answer by October or so.


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