Some AR-15 Change On The Colt Website

With no official product information coming from Colt about their AR-15 product line (I always wished there was a quarterly newsletter or something that discussed available products, production changes, etc) I periodically go to their website and look around to see if there is any tidbits of information to find. For the last couple of years, there had been very few changes to their website.

I did some looking around the website this weekend. A change that I saw was the deletion of products from their ‘AR-15 Military Classics’ line. Previously listed was the CRM16A1, CRXM177E2 and the LE6920SOCOM. Now, all that is listed on the website is the LE6920SOCOM.

In 2020 and 2021 we saw the release of the CRXM16E1 and the CRGAU5AA but the products never made it to the Colt website.

I have heard rumor of potential future ‘AR-15 Military Classics’ products. It will be interesting to see if they make it to market.

4 thoughts on “Some AR-15 Change On The Colt Website”

  1. They took the 9mm off some time ago. With the new military contract going to Sig, they may be pairing down the production line. These is a lot of competition for AR dollars today. I’d like to have a ‘classic’, but can’t find them around here and ordering gets hairy……..

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    1. Although the small change to the website isn’t anything exciting, it is movement on the website after a long time of nothing. It gives me hope that we may start seeing some information published.

      In regards to the 9mm platform, I love the looks of their 9mm on the M5 lower receiver. Fingers crossed for something along that line in the future.


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