2 thoughts on “Pending Release Of The Colt CM5 Sentry Carbine”

  1. I had to use a POF P-415 and the ambi controls cause a few issues…. number is that unintended magazine release. I like the placement of the carrier hold open and the magazine release on the left side is lower down, closer to a ‘Bad Lever’, which makes sense…. but it’s mostly the left maga release the causes issues. The rail looks like a EPR rail and I like the included sights. The POF P0415 is a pain to deal with the rail on the EPR is much nicer.

    Overall, I like the changes.. hopefully the military will also. I don’t understand the change to the new caliber when we’re concentrating on a Pacific conflict strategy, the ranges on most Islands isn’t that great???? Or am I missing something?


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