Colt Competition 9mm Carbine and 2015 Catalog

I don’t talk on here much about Colt Competition rifles. Although they were not assembled in Hartford, they are Colt licensed and thus a part of Colt AR history and I really need to start capturing more of the details of the Colt Competition line.

Colt Competition 2015 Catalog Cover

Having said that, I came across this GB listing today of what appears to be Colt Competition 9mm rifle. I have a Colt Competition 2015 catalog (posted here in my account) and it does not show 9mm models that year which made this even more interesting to me.

I believe the rifle is probably in the factory configuration (other than having five 9mm mags…it would not have come with that many). You can see more information on this Colt Competition carbine here on the site at this link:

I also uploaded images of the 2015 Colt Competition product catalog today. You can see those images at this link:

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