Colt Upgrade Trigger Kit

This Colt upgrade trigger kit was available as part of Colts factory accessory line. I recently added this new in package example to my collection for about $95.

This trigger set was also standard equipment in Colt CR6720 and CR6724 CAR-A3 HBAR Elite rifles. These next few photos show the factory installed trigger set in my CR6720 CAR-A3 HBAR Elite.

3 thoughts on “Colt Upgrade Trigger Kit”

  1. Great pictures of that Colt trigger upgrade! I wonder how it feels on weight, take-up & break. Where on earth did you find it? I need one too. Thanks.

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    1. It actually sat unsold on Gun Broker for 3 weeks before I had a chance to buy it. I need to take the CR6720 to the range and shoot it to see if the trigger feels much different from the standard Colt trigger groups.


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