Christmas / New Years Rambling

Well, here we are sitting on the eve of Christmas 2022. This year has blown by in a heartbeat. I sit here wondering where it went and why I didn’t get more content added to the website over the last 11.8 months. A strange internal conversation that I started having this year has been about my mortality and the long-term existence of the website. Since I pay for this site every year myself, is there a point to build it if nobody will maintain the data and keep the site going when I’m gone? I will be 52 in March and statistically, probably have another 20 to 25 years before I kick it. But, I guess you start thinking about that stuff eventually. Crazy subject to bring up for a holiday right?

This image is the cover of a Christmas card given to Colt sales staff in 2012.

As December comes to a close, I was really hoping to see word of the release of the Colt CR6762 (7.62x39mm) carbine that is supposed to be coming out. Since the factory is closed for the holidays, we obviously will not see the release until 2023. Although most of 2022 has been pretty quiet for the Colt AR fan, my gut is telling me 2023 will be a bit more busy. I hope I am right.

Inside left of the Colt sales staff 2012 Christmas card
Inside right of the Colt sales staff 2012 Christmas card

Sadly the sales of the M5 seem to not be going well. Even with retailers such as Arms Unlimited having the price reduced to $1695.00, they don’t seem to be moving. I feel like $1695.00 is reasonable due to the ambidextrous lower, however, my opinion doesn’t influence the market. I will finally be ordering one in about 3 more weeks.

2023 is already shaping up to be an expensive, but good, year. I already have the following purchases planned for the first quarter of 2023.

  • LE901-16SE
  • CMP 1911A1
  • M5 Carbine
  • CR6762
  • Green Label AR15A2

I additionally have some purchases of parts and upper receiver conversion kits (CK) in mind. This will be intermixed with the complete factory firearms over the next three months. The important part of all of this is not accumulate more stuff though, but to be more interactive here and get more information added to the website.

Back of the Colt sales staff 2012 Christmas card.

Additionally, I’m hoping to get an opportunity to buy some more obscure stuff in 2023 like prototype or limited-edition rifles/upper receivers. I know of a few possibilities; I just have to hope they work out. Some other items that I will be looking for in 2023 are a Colt 6520, Colt SP1, Colt LE6900 light carbine, LE6920SOCOMII and a CR6724. I will also have my eyes open for a Delta HBAR and the rest of the Colt/US Ordnance Vietnam series (CRGAU-5a/a and CRXM16E1). However, plans rarely remain intact and other opportunities always present themselves. Lol!

Are you a Colt AR collector? If so, do you have any goals for the coming year?

Thank you for stopping by and visiting my website this year. I wish you, your loved ones and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope your new year starts as good as it possibly can.

Talk to you again around January 3rd probably!

3 thoughts on “Christmas / New Years Rambling”

  1. I have a Colt Delta HBAR that I plan on selling. Aluminum case with the Colt label and serial number, manual, rifle , sling-although it does have dry rot, Delta cheek piece, scope mount and scope

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      1. I’m more of a shooter than collector, I’ve got a “clone” Colt Delta HBAR, complete upper and cheek piece and grip from a guy that wanted a M4 style back in the day. The Colt lower on my clone is a large pin LE/Mil marked lower with Colts accurized trigger group in it.
        That’s why I’m selling the original Delta HBAR. I’d really like to get one of the Colt Vietnam repro CARs.


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