Rare Colt European Carbines Available

Arms Unlimited has a small number of European specification carbines available for purchase.


This model is unique in that it has a serial numbered lower receiver, upper receiver and (I believe) bolt carrier group. It is actually .223 because the customer country can’t own 5.56mm. Comes with 1x 10-round magazine.

5 thoughts on “Rare Colt European Carbines Available”

  1. The 223Rem markings is due to the CIP regulations in force in Europe.

    CIP does not recognize 5.56 but only 223Rem for civilian market. That’s why those Colt are marked 223Rem despite being chambered in 5.56.

    I usually ream chambers to 5.56 specifications but get those proofed as 223Rem here in Belgium. As the CIP values for 223Rem are considered as “minimal chamber dimensions”, a 5.56NATO chamber is OK.

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