Colt LE6920…Reliable Warhorse…Expanded Distribution

In a world dominated by negative, sensational headlines proclaiming the end of the world I decided to do this post to celebrate the expanded distribution of Colts AR-15 flagship, the LE6920. Although this is a simple, no frills design, I think it something to celebrate. You can always trust the configuration to serve you reliably.

These photos feature my LE6920 that I bought around 2016. I put the Magpul back-up sight on it so that it would represent the current market configuration. I need to see about buying a new production LE6920 so that I have a ‘factory’ rifle in the same configuration for the collection.

Prices are high right now as everyone is trying to cash in on the market panic. Some sellers on Gun Broker are asking $1700.00 to as high as $2000.00 for current production LE6920’s. I will have to wait and see if prices come back down to at least MSRP. I compliment Colt for keeping their MSRP at the same price it was pre-coltpocalypse at $1099.00.

You can see the specification sheet shown below and more at

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