Colt ‘Expanse Heavy Barrel’ From Davidson’s Distribution user ‘SanchoPanza’ posted this video in a discussion on in the Colt ‘Industry’ section. The video published by the NRA was posted on YouTube in May of 2017 and discusses four different variations (Matte Black Anodized, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Sniper Grey). Videos like this are priceless for determining production timelines and validating variations.

This video has also been added to the ‘ Colt AR Related Videos’ page here.

One thought on “Colt ‘Expanse Heavy Barrel’ From Davidson’s Distribution”

  1. This is the most accurate rifle I have ever fired. Whoever built mine was listening to some good music and happy. I added a radian arms bcg, super42 buffer system and jp enterprises 3.5lbs trigger spring. She has almost no muzzle rise and has always been .89 moa out the box with 62gr federal ammo. Small arms solutions shitted on the expanse for not being built in house but I could care less about that. They took spare parts and gave them to a third party to build and for whatever reason (bad financial decisions) they decided to let joe citizen have a Colt on the cheap, that you can change out all you want. It’s a solid rifle.

    I’ve carried a M4 since 2004 in the Army and I’m 36 now. I would put this Colt up against anyone I carried including my favorite (W112984) from my Mosul deployment. I only trust my life to Colt and the Expanse past my test.

    ~I have 6200 rounds down the pipe in the 3 years I’ve owned her (10/29/17 purchase date)(built 10/18/16 according to the box)


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