Colt 4-Position Sliding Buttstock Assembly Part # SPK94759

I have been trying to collect Colt factory accessory sets for some time. I picked this up on Gun Broker 18 OCT 2020 for the the price of $405.00 (price is for historic reference only…not for sale).

This Colt stock conversion set is still sealed and consists of the following:

1. Four position receiver extension
2. Receiver Extension (Castle) nut
3. Receiver end plate
4. Carbine buffer spring
5. ‘H’ buffer
6. ‘N’ type stock assembly

Close-up photo attempting to show ‘H’ buffer, receiver extension nut and receiver end plate

The last complete factory stock set that I have seen sell sold for $375 on 6 OCT 2019. The plastic on that set was much clearer.

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