Could We Now Have a Colt CR6940 Available?

We have been seeing the ‘new’ CR6920 rifle configuration for a few weeks now. Two new auctions have caught attention. The auctions are for 6940 upper receivers on the CR6920 ‘Carbine’ lower receivers.

I imagine these are legitimate rifles and would fall in line with Colt’s stated goal of streamlining lower receiver production for all carbine models.

An interesting detail with these is that upper receivers have stamped ‘C’ on them instead of a cage code…new old stock 6940 upper receivers perhaps?

The CR6940 potentially existing came to my attention on in the Colt ‘Industry’ section. You can follow the conversation here:

One thought on “Could We Now Have a Colt CR6940 Available?”

  1. Tons of 694x uppers around at Midway, Brownells, and Arms Unlimited. Still no complete guns. Had to put an M4 marked CR6940 together with a Specialized Armament lower I paid dearly for.


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