Colt, Colt Canada and CZ at Defense & Security Equipment International in London 2021

The biennial ‘Defense & Security Equipment International’ convention took place 14-17 September 2021. Those of us who subscribe to ‘Soldiers System’ email newsletter were captivated by the newsletters coverage of the Colt booth at DSEI. Although I have been familiar with the M5 design for a couple of years and have even posted about it here ( there hasn’t really been any significant mention of it in the mainstream industry media for a while.

The great thing about the post showcasing the Colt M5 is that it shows this design is accepted and validated by CZ for marketing. This makes me happy because I would really like to see the M5 concept come to the commercial market.

Colt M5 on display at DSEI. Image from

Here is the link to the Soldier Systems post:

Unfortunately, the post doesn’t really give us any new information but it is exciting to see the design get more publicity. The M5 carbine concept seems to first appear in the media around 2017 with mention at the following links:

Firearm Blog-

Asian Military Review-

M5’s in Thailand-

So anyway, we will continue our vigil of hope that the Colt M5 comes to the U.S. retail market.

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