Colt AR Market Activity in September

As we get near the end of September, I thought I would do a post that summarizes some of the more notable Colt AR market events that I have seen. We have seen the prices of Colt CR6920’s come down in recent weeks. With an MSRP of $1099.00, prices have dropped below $1000.00.

A couple of examples are Georgia Firing Line and Tombstone Tactical as shown below.

Georgia Firing Line
Tombstone Tactical

CR6920 lower receivers that have the new ‘Carbine’ marked lower receiver can be found as low as $500 as shown below in the sales page on Arms Unlimited website.

Arms Unlimited Sales Page For CR6920 Lower Receiver

A couple of other noted events have been the appearance of ‘M4 Carbine’ marked LE6920 OEM-1 and OEM-2 configured Colt carbines. The LE6920 OEM-1’s were available at GT Distributors and the OEM-2’s were available at several vendors such as Arms Unlimited.

GT Distributors OEM-1 Sale Page
Arms Unlimited OEM-2 Sales Page

One event that caught everyone by surprise was the appearance of Colt LE6920-R Trooper carbines. These had been out of production for a long time…over a year at least. These were first seen at Clyde Armory for $1349.00.

Clyde Armory LE6920-R Trooper Sales Page

Surprisingly, the LE6920-R Trooper can also be found on Gun Broker as low as $1069.00 which I consider to be a pretty good deal.

CR6940’s and CR6960’s are currently in limited availability. There are only two of each for sale on Gun Broker.

I haven’t seen any significant activity with the remaining Colt rifles and carbines in the new CR (Colt Rifle) series. The CR6920MPS-B, CR6920-EPR, CR6700A4 (20″ rifle) all seem to be readily available and at pretty stable prices.

With the prices of the new CR line coming down below MSRP in some cases, I am hoping this is a market indicator that we will start seeing some correction in the rest of the market since prices become so artificially inflated. Older AR-15’s such as SP-1’s, AR-15A2’s, AR-15A2 Sporter HBAR’s, etc. are all still drawing premium prices.

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