Happy New Year!

Well, here we are four days into January of 2023. Christmas and New Year’s blew by in a blur. I look back on 2022 and get excited about some content that I was able to add and then get disappointed about all of the content that I didn’t get added. 2022 wasn’t a bad year for me but within it, I had Covid and four job changes. I currently still work two of the four jobs. I have big purchasing dreams for 2023 but you have to have the big bank account to go with it so that is why I have two jobs. Lol.

On a serious note, this year should be a good year for both the website and for Colt. I’m excited to see some new products come to market even if it just ends up being the CR6920 in a new caliber, or an old caliber released in a new model…such as the M5 carbine. There is rumor of a new Colt catalog being published for SHOT Show. If I am able to get a copy, I will scan it and post it here for you guys.

Speaking of scans, a page member sent me some scanned images of some rare documents that he was able to add to his collection. I have a few of the documents in my collection but haven’t scanned them yet. So, I’m going to ask him for permission to post some of his excellent images here.

I hope everyone had a great holiday season, or at least the best that it could be. I know this time of year is a hard time for some. I for one am happy to see things returning to ‘normal’. My grand plans for 2023 are pretty simple…to add content to the website and expand my collection some more. I wish us all health, prosperity and some luck in the coming months! Talk to you again in the next week or so!

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